Jeepney 0.8.0

Jeepney is a pure Python interface to D-Bus, a protocol for interprocess communication on desktop Linux (mostly). See What is D-Bus? for more background on what it can do.

The core of Jeepney is I/O free, and the package contains bindings for different event loops to handle I/O. Jeepney tries to be non-magical, so you may have to write a bit more code than with other interfaces such as dbus-python or pydbus.

Jeepney doesn’t rely on libdbus or other compiled libraries, so it’s easy to install with Python tools like pip:

pip install jeepney

For most use cases, the D-Bus daemon needs to be running on your computer; this is a standard part of most modern Linux desktops.


See also

App for exploring available D-Bus services on your machine.
D-Bus Specification
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